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Decode Your Retirement Puzzle
with the Lake Point Advisory Group Process

Making your money last throughout retirement can be a difficult puzzle to figure out on your own. We can help you put all of the pieces together to create a strategy that fits your unique retirement needs and dreams.

  • pieces

    Find all the Pieces

    Identify all of your retirement dreams and explore your options.

  • whole-picture

    See the whole picture

    Create a retirement income strategy to help you pursue your financial goals.

  • succeed

    Plan to succeed

    Enjoy the retirement you planned for, knowing we’re just a phone call away.

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Decoding the Retirement Puzzle

A must-read for retirees wanting to help protect their hard-earned nest egg.


for retirement income


smart withdrawal strategies


for medical costs

“Wealth Smart Show”

With Reid Johnson

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Our seminars focus on common financial concerns that individuals and families face in retirement. Attend one of our seminars to learn how addressing these concerns can help you feel more confident about the days ahead.

June 25
Surviving Retirement
Culpepper Steak House
6:30 pm
June 25
Taking Back Control of Your Financial Future
Farina’s Winery & Café
6:00 pm
June 23
Surviving Retirement
Culpepper Steak House
6:30 pm

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We're to help you make the most of your retirement. We can help you create an income plan so can feel confident in your financial future.
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