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How Market Moves Affect Investor Decisions

Investor Decisions

The National Bureau of Economic Research recently explored how continued low returnscan influence saving, investing and retirement behaviors. According to the report, diminished returns tend to motivate people to save more in non-retirement accounts and less in their 401(k)s, alter their investment allocations, and even delay retirement and claiming Social Security benefits. While recent economic…

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The Cost of Maintaining a Home

Home maintainance cost

To age at home, or not to age at home: That is the question many retirees eventually face. One major determining factor is whetherthey can afford to move into a senior community offering living assistance and nursing care if necessary. While costs vary from state to state, the 2018 nationwide average for assisted living costs…

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Sustainable Investing Goes Mainstream


Invest in what you know is a common piece of investment wisdom. In the past, that advice has most likely referenced your favorite soda or retail store. Today, however, more people are investing in actions and causes they champion, and this is true of companies, as well. For example, while the current U.S. administration is…

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Where Americans Stand On Personal Debt

On one hand, low interest rates are good for those borrowing money. On the other hand, easy cash can lead to excess debt — a place far too many Americans find themselves. Today, the median credit card debt is $2,000 per person, the median student loan debt is around $9,000 and the median mortgage debt…

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Proposals to Change Social Security and Medicare

The total cost of Social Security will exceed its income resources this year for the first time since 1982. For now, trustees expect current taxes, interest income on reserves and trust fund asset reserves to provide the funding necessary for both Social Security and Medicare. However, trust fund reserves are projected tobe depleted at the…

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Life Insurance for Retirees

Many people think life insurance is only for young couples. While a life insurance policy is an important vehicle to help protect a young family’s financial future should one parent pass away, that’s not the only time in life when financial protection matters? Older couples can benefit in many ways from maintaining life insurance policies…

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Annuity Strategies

In a 2017 Nationwide Retirement Institute survey, financial advisors revealed some of the primary concerns of today’s pre-retirees, including maintaining their current lifestyle during retirement. These people also are less concerned with growing their assets; instead, they are focusing on drawing them down in a disciplined strategy without taking out too much too early —…

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Retirement Readiness

The Indexed Annuity Leadership Council recently published a report that included a scoring mechanism for how “retirement ready” Americans are based on job status. “White-collar workers” rated just below 50 percent in terms of retirement readiness, while “blue- and gray-collar workers” were somewhat lower, at 44.7% Another recent report on retirement readiness was published by…

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Wealth And The Trump Effect

Wealth and Trump Effect

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was meant to kick start the economy with growth not seen in a decade. Six months in, the results are a bit lackluster. Business investment has increased only slightly throughout the last year (excluding oil and gas, which are highly volatile). This begs the question — how much impact…

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