Back to School: Planning for College Expenses

Paying for college has become one of the greatest challenges of the American family. Whether your children plan to attend a state university, a private institution, or it’s just too early to tell, planning for college expenses should be a primary factor when considering your investment portfolio and other financial vehicles.

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Why Retirement Planning is Different for Divorcees

Studies show that one in every four divorces happen to people over 50 years of age1. If you’ve been divorced – particularly if you haven’t remarried – your retirement planning picture might look a lot different than that of your married peers. Whether the breakup happens close to retirement age or earlier on greatly impacts…

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4 Often Misunderstood Tax Terms

Tax season is the time when so many of our clients bemoan their lack of tax expertise. The fact is that the code is thousands of pages long, and changes frequently. We highly recommend the use of a certified public accountant when filing your taxes. But even the best accountants need input from you as…

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