Fixed Annuity

Fixed Annuities

Are you thinking about what your finances will look like down the road? Have you developed a plan that includes your retirement and the financial status of your entire family?

It's not easy to navigate the world of finances. Determining where your money should be placed is a hard question to answer. At Lake Point Advisory Group in North Texas, we help our clients discover the answers to these and many other questions about financial products. Our financial professionals are here to help you create a brighter financial future.

Fixed annuities are a great choice that our clients have chosen in order to plan for their future. Like all annuities, the specifics of a fixed annuity can be unfamiliar to many people. Our team will help you learn about this product and work with you to decide if it is a good fit.

What Are Fixed Annuities?

An annuity, similar to an insurance policy, is a contract between an individual and a financial institution. The individual will be given a lump sum or incremental payments after paying their premium for a predetermined timeframe. Fixed annuities received their name from their included interest rates that are locked in at the time of purchase. This gives the owner an option that is safe and predictable.

Advantages of Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities have several great benefits that make them an attractive investment option. Here are a few of them:

  • Low-risk investment – With a fixed interest rate, you know what to expect down the road.
  • Tax deferral – Your money will not be taxed until your investment is withdrawn.
  • Shelter from creditors – Annuity investments are safe from probate proceedings and cannot be touched by creditors in most situations.


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