Variable Annuity

Variable Annuities

Have you set out to make a plan for your financial future? Have you decided how you want to save for retirement? These are important decisions and now is the time to make them.

But making the right financial decisions isn’t easy. There are several different options to think about in order to do the right thing. At Lake Point Advisory Group in North Texas, we help people discover the answers to these and many other questions about annuities, life insurance and other financial products. With a variable annuity, many of our clients have been able to inch closer to financial stability.

Think for a minute about a financially secure retirement and what you would be able to do with this type of freedom. It’s attainable, and Lake Point Advisory Group is here to help you achieve a retirement like this.

One great option for financial planning is a variable annuity. As financial professionals, we hope to show you what annuities are all about without confusing you with unfamiliar equations.

Variable Annuities

Variable annuities are a financial investment that are, well, variable. There are lots of similarities between variable annuities and other annuities, such as tax-deferred growth and the choice between regular payments or a lump sum. But there are also differences.

The death benefit found in variable annuities is one difference. This death benefit works by giving a specified amount to your beneficiary if you die before your insurer has made payments to you.

Variable annuities also mix elements of tax-deferred retirement savings plans, mutual funds and life insurance. Contact us or request a consultation to learn more about available investment opportunities in North Texas.


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